Tips to impress your cougar woman right in your first cougar date Part – 2

Get a cougar date and going out with her is quite an amazing experience. If you are already dating a cougar woman and now it’s time to meet her for the very first time. It must be great and you are quite excited about to saw her for the very first time, but make sure that cougar woman are experienced and mature one’s and they know what they are looking for and if you are not up to her standards, you won’t get the second chance to see her again. So, make sure that you already prepared for your first date and quite confident to impress her. In order to impress her, some guys talk useless things that will make cougar woman upset and there are many things that cougar woman don’t like. So, if you really want to meet for second time, better not to ask anything that will make her uncomfortable or upset her. 

In our first part of this article, we already discussed how to impress her on your first date. Here are few other things that you must implement when you are with her. Follow these essential tips if you are looking for a successful older dating along with her for long term.

Never ask her age or shares yours – yes, when it comes to cougar dating, age is just a number and mature dating proves it right. If you keep asking questions about her age and your age difference, this will make her feel uncomfortable. Cougar dating is not easy and impressing a cougar woman is quite bit difficult as compare to other younger women that you have dated before. So, think twice about what you are going to ask or share with her.

Never compare your gaper date with your mom – when you are introducing your mom in between your date with a cougar woman that shares almost the same age, this will make the things weird and you are not going in a right direction. So, avoid anything that will make her uncomfortable. When you are comparing her or bring your mom in mid of your conversation, you are literally messing the things and ruin your first cougar date. So, avoid anything that make her feel that she is getting old and you are quite young to her if you really want to make your cougar date successful and want to go far with her.

Avoid any backhanded compliments – giving compliment to a girl to whom you dating is mandatory in order to make her happy. But when you are dating a cougar woman, you must know what type of compliments you should try to impress her. Avoid any backhanded compliments that reflect her age and make her feel that she is not young anymore. For example, wow, there are no wrinkles yet in your face at this age too. You are not looking that old. Avoid any compliments like this that make her upset or uncomfortable or make her feel that she is not young anymore.

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