What are the best cougar dating tips for young cubs? Part – 2

In our previous post, we already discussed what is cougar dating?What are the type of cougar woman and how to impress her when you are dating a cougar woman? Dating a cougar woman is quite one of the best mature dating experience that every young cub want once in his entire life. Dating a cougar woman and making her happy or impress her in bed and make her feel that you are the best guy among all to whom she had dated before is quite the best and the most important thing that you have to do if you really want to make your cougar date a successful one.

Dating a cougar woman is a trick and you must know how to do this trick when you are on your first date with an older woman. Remember that if you are not able to make her impress or not able to make a mark of your on her right in your first date than it’s quite sure that you won’t get the second chance to date her. In order to make your impression on her, it’s important to know the tips to impress your cougar date. Here are the tips that will help you to mark your impression on her.

Be confident when you are going to meet her on your first date

Your confidence tells everything about you. Are you able to date a cougar woman and strong enough to make her cum when you are going intimate with her. If you are confident while meeting her on your first date, there are more chances that you will deserve a second chance too to see her but if you are not confident and bit confused what to say or what not. You don’t deserve a cougar date. Cougar woman are experienced woman and they knows everything about men. They even met the best and the worst experience that they have in their life. So you didn’t make her fool by anyway.

Questions and comments

When you are on your first cougar date, it’s quite obvious that there are a list of questions that you have to ask from her and the same she have her questions to make sure that you are the right guy to date or not. While asking questions from her, it’s quite mandatory that you have to be in limits and don’t ask anything that isn’t quite appropriated or might your partner won’t like to answer that. For example, questions like, asking about past relationship and why you leave your previous partner isn’t quite an appropriate question to ask from anyone to whom you are dating. When you are dating a cougar woman, it’s is advised not to ask any question about her age or her wrinkles. She knows that very well and you don’t have to remind her that again.

These are the best but not the least things that you have to take care of while dating a cougar woman.

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